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Staff Augmentation is Outsourcing

23rd January 2017

Staff Augmentation is Outsourcing

We build partnerships with our clients based on transparency and accountability. You are not delegating the responsibility for your projects, you are extending the capability of your existing team and systems.

Each client has a project manager based here in the UK, but you will also have direct access to your team members (our employees) in Sri Lanka. Your new team members pavers san diego cost will be available whenever you need them through the proprietary processes and tools that we’ve developed to ensure regular and transparent project governance.

Become globally competitive
We all know that business has become more global, so why not visit this website tap into the global talent pool driving cost efficiency and growth in your business? Reduce your fixed costs, reduce the time spent hiring and instead choose only the resources you need at any given point, allowing you to focus on the bigger priorities. Agile resourcing is the competitive advantage that could transform your business.