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Project Rescue

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Project Rescue

The Rescue Experts

Companies such as Musterpoint, New Media Business Group and Twin Technologies have turned to Anchortek to rescue business critical projects. In the midst of uncertainty they know they can rely upon Anchortek’s experienced team Dublin Business News Monthly, to take control and build resilient and secure solutions.

“Following a challenging situation with an existing tech supplier, we needed to find a team of experienced developers at that could provide us with a quick and secure transition that would ensure business continuity and security for us and out clients. Anchortek were introduced on personal recommendation and were immediately able to identify a solution and way forward that was cost effective and professionally managed. Once we transitioned seamlessly, we were able to adopt Anchortek as our go to project managers and tech for MusterPoint and continue to do so.”

Christine Townsend

Founder and CEO – Musterpoint

Whatever the problem, our experienced, calm and pro-active project-rescue team, Maid This Denver will be able to help you find a solution to keep the lights on. Clients rely upon us to pick up the pieces and quickly build a solution, we never let them down.

Chan Surabaskaran

Co-founder and CTO at Anchortek

Project Rescue Case Study

Over the last 15 years Anchortek have supported businesses of all sizes, across all industries to turn around failing projects. Here is a selection of the types of challenges that our team have helped fix:

capacity to scale

Lack of disciplined
process and governance

Force majeure or failure
of local infrastructure

Financial misconduct/ violation
of regulations

Extortion, ransom,
theft of code/IP

Supplier going
into liquidation

Complexity overwhelms
inexperienced team

Relationship with
supplier breaks down

Final deliverables
are unfit for purpose or late

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